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About Us

Roxanne ChanDAOM, RN, LAc, is a licensed acupuncturist and registered nurse in the state of Alaska. Raised in North Carolina to first-generation Chinese parents, she started her pursuit of health knowledge and healing in the field of nursing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1999. Her first experiences on a gastrointestinal medicine floor led to her interests in traditional Chinese diet and herbs. Upon traveling to mainland China she was amazed by the breadth and application of acupressure, qigong, traditional herbs and diet for health maintenance by relatives she visited in rural and urban settings. The desire for more study in Eastern medicine and culture moved her to the west coast where she completed a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2006 she began her acupuncture practice in Anchorage. During her practice she completed a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree at ACTCM iSan Francisco and Shanghai with specialties in pain management and women's health. Over the past 20 years in healthcare Roxanne has learned from her patients, hospitals, teachers, traditional healers in China and Guatemala, mentorships with Robert Levine, L.Ac. and Eve Soldinger, L.Ac., various forms of healing with which to serve the Alaskan community. She enjoys meditation, practicing qigong, spending time in nature with her family, and teaching weekly qigong classesShe looks forward to working together with you on addressing your health concerns with offerings from traditional Chinese medicine and supporting you on your healing journey. 

Michael Aanavi, PhD, LAc, is licensed as both an acupuncturist and a clinical psychologist in the State of Alaska, and holds an MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as a PhD in clinical/multicultural & community psychology. Dr. Aanavi has served as a clinician, consultant, and manager in numerous psychiatric, primary care, and addiction treatment programs, as well as on the faculty of UCSF School of Medicine and the California School of Professional Psychology. He is the author of The Trusting Heart: Addiction, Recovery, and Intergenerational Trauma (Chiron, 2012).

Dr. Aanavi grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii in the town of Waimea, and subsequently spent many years in New York City and the Bay Area before becoming a devoted Alaskan. He enjoys taking time away from the office for fishing, hunting, foraging, and exploration of all kinds, and is dazzled on a daily basis by the play of light in the Alaskan skies and spirit.

Dr. Aanavi’s practice of Chinese medicine is rooted in his personal commitment to spiritual, psychological, and bodily transformation; most important for him has been the practice of taijiquan (t’ai chi ch’uan), qigong, and meditation in the Daoist and Buddhist traditions. He is deeply grateful to his primary mentors, Dr. Benjamin Tong, Dr. Eduardo Duran, Dr. Joseph Ng, Liu Ming, and Eve Soldinger, and to his wife and son who are his greatest teachers. 

Dr. Aanavi works with a wide range of health conditions, including chronic and recurrent pain, emotional and mental health concerns, women and men's health, metabolic and stress-related issues, autoimmune and degenerative disorders, and mind-body health concerns of all kinds.  For more about Dr. Aanavi’s background and practice of Chinese medicine, please visit his website: www.michaelaanavi.com. 
Shauna BrancheLicensed Massage Therapist, believes that healing happens from the inside out. She believes that by getting to know your true self, underneath the conditioning that has accumulated over the years, you can learn to express yourself fully and completely in a manner that is unihibited and healthy. She has come to realize that through this unfettered expression, your body will begin to self-regulate and resolve aches, pains, diseases, emotional disturbances, and more. She is dedicated to using bodywork and energy healing in a safe environment that will encourage your self knowledge and jump start your healing journey. All Shauna's sessions are custom-made to each client's needs and typically include Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, and stretching. She will also include gua sha, tui na, medical qigong, and take home exercises as needed. She especially enjoys working with clients who maintain an active lifestyle, are atheletes, or are working through a physical or emotional challenge. Shauna earned her diploma in massage therapy in 2007 and her credentials as a Medical Qi Gong Therapist in 2009 from the Oriental Healing Arts School of Masssage Therapy in Anchorage, AK. She provides a thorough and attentive massage, drawing from her extensive training and experience in qi gong, deep tissue, Thai, tui na acupressure, gua sha, and atheletic massage. She works effectively with both atheletes and people with emotional challenges.  
Sudevi Burich, BTh, MA, Certified Reiki Practitioner, received her degrees in Religious Studies and Eastern Philosophies from Trinity Saint David University of Wales in the UK. She has been teaching residential and online classes in Eastern Philosophies and Religions at Bhaktivedanta College in Belgium since 2007. She is a Certified Reiki Master and yoga instructor and has been practicing and teaching both in Germany, where she originally comes from, and here in Anchorage. She is currently studying Healing Touch, another energy healing modality which greatly enhances her energy work. 

For more information about Reiki with Sudevi, please click here.


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