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Phone: 907-440-8660  
Email: springwindacup@gmail.com  *                                                                               

To Contact:
Phone:  907-440-8660,
Email:  chan.rox@gmail.com  *
Phone:  907-440-8660, 
Email: drmikespringwind@gmail.com  *  
Phone: 907-570-8628,
Email: reikialaska@gmail.com *,  www.reikialaska.com 
* If you are utilizing these email addresses to send any privileged and confidential information and/or protected health information (PHI), you should be aware that these email accounts are not encrypted and any information sent to/from these email addresses are not secure.  If you would like to send something to our office in a secure manner, please contact us at (907) 440-8660 to discuss alternative methods of delivery. 
Spring Wind Acupuncture Fax number: 1-866-747-3256

We bill insurance and are a Premera preferred provider.   

Parking: You may park in any space designated with a flowery "Spring Wind Parking" sign located against the building on all 4 sides. If the spaces are full, street parking is readily available at a meter.    

What to Expect on Your 1st Acupuncture Visit:
Have a snack or a light meal within 2 hours before coming in for your treatment.  

The first session typically lasts two hours, and follow-up treatments last one hour. On the first visit we will obtain more detailed information about your health and history. We will want to ask you certain questions which pertain to Chinese Medicine in particular: sleep, digestion, energy, pain, sense of well being and many others. All the information helps to paint a picture of  your overall state of health.


If you have questions, or need to make changes to your appointment time, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Please note: If you miss your appointment or do not provide 24 hours notice of a change, you will be charged half the cost of a treatment. 


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Initial Acupuncture Intake Paperwork

Initial Massage Intake Paperwork

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