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The Five Elements and the Daoist 5 Yin Medical Qigong Practice


Every Wednesday from 6:15p to 7:15p in the Spring Wind Acupuncture Office *

 with Roxanne Chan, DAOM, LAc.

These fun classes are great for beginners to the practice of Qigong. They are also offered as preparatory study for periodic workshops with Eve Soldinger, LAc. Each class will go over a different portion of the Daoist 5 Yin Medical Qigong exercises, tailored to the student and their experience level. Qigong exercises are gentle yet deeply restorative and energizing, and promote health and well-being on many levels. I look forward to seeing you.


*To reserve a place in a qigong class call or text 907-440-8660, or email: springwindacup@gmail.com. 

*Please inform Roxanne prior to class of any existing medical conditions, pregnancy, or recent broken bones, and feel free to ask questions. 


Cost: $20 per class

             $45 / 3 classes





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