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The Five Elements and the Daoist 5 Yin Medical Qigong Practice


Every Wednesday from 6:15 to 7:15 in the Spring Wind Acupuncture Office *

 with Roxanne Chan, DAOM, LAc.

These fun, one-on-one classes are great for beginners to the practice of Qigong. They are also offered as preparatory study for periodic workshops with Eve Soldinger, LAc. Each class will go over a different portion of the Daoist 5 Yin Medical Qigong exercises, tailored to the student and their experience level. Qigong exercises are gentle yet deeply restorative and energizing, and promote health and well-being on many levels.


*To make an appointment for a one hour qigong class call 907-440-8660 or email: springwindacup@gmail.com 

*Please inform Roxanne prior to class of any existing medical conditions, pregnancy, or recent broken bones, and feel free to ask questions. 

Cost: $20 per class. 




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