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Acupuncture is part of a system of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  P1010919.JPGAcupuncture utilizes ultra fine, sterile needles – which cause relatively little pain – that are inserted into particular points throughout the body.  Acupuncture points are chosen according to the person’s individual traditional Chinese diagnosis, made by your acupuncturist after an assessment based on Traditional Chinese principles of yin and yang balances in the body.  By stimulating these anatomical acupuncture points, it is believed that we can influence the Qi or energy in the body.  We can allow this influence to change the way our body is constantly adjusting, and to promote our own self healing.
Do the needles hurt?
People often report a mild to strong sensation during the acupuncture treatments, but it is kept  within a comfortable threshold.  The needles are very fine, hair like, and smooth, unlike hypodermic needles, which are much larger.  Once the points are in people often are able to relax or even fall to sleep.
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